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National Chairman
Tim Brown
Tim Brown, National Chairman of Athletes & Entertainers for Kids and 911 for Kids has helped over five million children and teens through mentoring and educational programs. Brown’s phenomenal NFL career can only be shadow by his service to youth and underserved communities throughout the nation.
Brown believes that giving back to the community is an important responsibility that gives him tremendous joy. He humbly and quietly supports hundreds of schools, hospitals, churches and community organizations. It is no wonder that he has gained the respect and praise of athletes and business leaders around the world. Brown is regarded as one of NFL’s premiere players and leaders by his peers, owners, and league administration.
“I was fortunate to grow up in a wonderful, supportive and loving family,” said Brown. “I realized early on that many children are not as fortunate and just finding a meal is a daily fight for thousands of youth.”

In 1987 Brown attended his first Athletes & Entertainers for Kids community outreach program at the invitation of former Raiders teammate and Hall of Famer Howie Long. Long. Long helped to establish AEFK with Elise Kim in 1986 and was the National Chairman of the foundation at that time (Long now serves and Chairman Emeritus of AEFK). Brown’s exemplary style on and off the field made him the perfect candidate to later become AEFK’s key leader of the foundation.

“AEFK is a unique mentoring organization that continues to be community oriented and community drive.” comments Brown. “I continue to be impressed by the scope of children AEFK serves on a daily basis. From the critically ill to those suffering from poverty and parental neglect, AEFK reaches out to empower a wide spectrum of hurting children through really great innovative programs that are both educational and fun. What’s most important is that AEFK’s services are on-going throughout the year, not just holiday times or for a media opportunity. Often our celebs want to spend private quality time with the kids, with no media.”

In 1995 Brown became AEFK’s National Chairman. That same year he accepted a distinguished appointment of Spokesperson for 911 for Kids, the nation’s official educational program teaching the proper use of 911. The 911 for Kids program is also used in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

“I didn’t realize the impact that abandoned, misused and prank 911 calls had on our cities and government,” says Brown. “Our program not only can help save lives and property but it has dramatically reduced the millions of dollars spent on answering these non-emergency calls to 911.

911 for Kids is not only a wonderfully entertaining program for children but more importantly they learn and take home the message to family members and friends. We are looking forward to expanding our efforts internationally with our new “Emergency Ready” program will help parents prepare their children for both natural and man-made disasters.”

Brown’s signature mentoring program is his “Mentor Mini Camp” held each fall at Raider headquarters for 100 fatherless boys. “Children especially boys need positive male role models,” comments Brown. “This program as with all our AEFK mentor matching programs is the beginning point for many important friendships that will help boys to hopefully become responsible adults.”

In 2000 Brown held his “Mentor Mini Camp in Sacramento that year. His former Texas Governor – George W. Bush, helped Brown rally the 200 enthusiastic youth participants. The mentees and mentors got first hand experience of seeing what a great quarterback our future president is and would be in leading our country.

“We are honored and so very fortunate to have Tim Brown serve as our national Chairman and the spokesperson for critical AEFK educational programs, ” says Elise Kim, founder and CEO of AEFK. “Both Tim and his wonderful wife Sherice are exemplary role models not only for the youth we serve but also for our nation. They constantly amaze me with the graciousness, love and kindness for others.”

Oakland Raiders Captain Tim Brown is destined to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame but perhaps even more compelling is his legendary performance off the field in service to the community. He has been and will be in the future an international Hall of Famer and force in community services. Children around the nation may not know Brown’s impressive football statistic, but they enthusiastically recognize Brown for his “kindness and benevolence” statistics, which is recorded at over 200%.